Hello Nicola, I have been stalling in writing to you, only because I could not quite fully comprehend the tremendous fortune we have been blessed with. My mind simply did not know how to embrace this news. It took months before I started to slowly consider what was really happening… Yesterday I had my 21 week ultrasound and I received confirmation again that twins will be joining us soon in our lives. I cannot thank you enough for the advice you gave me to go with the donor we did. You were absolutely right and I had been led astray by the tall, lean body type of the other donor (completely the opposite of my petite frame!) I haven’t doubted or hesitated even for an instance over our final choice. She is absolutely the right one and the only one we could have chosen. You told me that April 11th was an incredibly lucky time for us fertility-wise and thanks to the grace of our donor and her incredible flexibility with timing, on April 12th, they transferred two perfect, fresh embryos. During my initial reading with you, you mentioned that I had endometriosis. No doctor was able to diagnose this or treat me for this for the years that I suffered from it. Only when I had a myomectomy several months later did another doctor inform me that he had discovered endometriosis that he had successfully removed it. Another brilliant piece of insight and wisdom from you! Thank you! I wish I had contacted you even before my fertility journey began as you could have made our initial baby making attempts much less painful for me!
I am so ever grateful to you for your wisdom and insight throughout our three year long fertility journey. You were dead on about our fertility window in 2011. Even though it later resulted in a miscarriage, it was the first time I had gotten pregnant since we had been trying over the course of two years. That miscarriage, coupled with your wise advice to try IVF with our own eggs only one additional time, proved to me that donor eggs would be the way to go.
This is still all very perplexing for my 11th house Pluto to comprehend, but I try to each day absorb a small fraction of the miracle that is taking place within me.
I send you my deepest, deepest gratitude for the role you have played in changing my life in the most miraculous way forever.
Do you ever do readings for natal charts or do you focus primarily on fertility. I will be having two new natal charts that I will need to explore in a matter of time… Best wishes.