My husband and I conceived our first son with our first attempt spontaneously, and besides an operation at 16 weeks gestation to remove cysts on both ovaries which they thought to be malignant (and ended up being benign), the rest of the pregnancy and delivery were uneventful. We then started trying for a second baby in July 2005 and after a year of trying without any success, we consulted with a fertility clinic in Cape Town. My husband was diagnosed with having severe sperm abnormalities and IVF with ICSI was recommended as the only option. We had our first ICSI cycle in December 2006 which failed. Our second cycle in August 2007 worked, but then I miscarried by seven weeks, which was totally devastating. They then recommended that we tried AI for a couple of months to give ourselves a bit of breather and take the pressure off. So I then embarked on my first AI cycle in October 2007. During this cycle I was advised to contact Nicola, which I duly did. Nicola told me that the AI would be a waste of time for me and that ICSI was the way to go. She looked at my charts and said that I should do an ICSI cycle immediately after that AI cycle as November was the best month in which I could conceive. I then requested that I change my plan and abandon the plan to do a few more AI cycles in favour of an ICSI cycle in November 2007, which is what I did. It worked!!! Our gorgeous son was born 7 weeks ago on 18th August 2008 and he is absolutely perfect. We are so grateful for the guidance that Nicola gave us at a time when you lose total control over your fertility or destiny and don’t have a clue which way to turn.
We have subsequently referred several of our friends to Nicola who are battling with infertility. I’m absolutely thrilled that I took the initiative to get the astrological guidance from Nicola, and dread to think how I could still be battling on my own. The most interesting thing was that she had said to me, that had I consulted with her prior to my second ICSI cycle in August 2007, when I miscarried, she would have advised me not to do so that month, as there was an eclipse in my chart which would put me at risk of a miscarriage! I think she is awesome!