I have known Nicola since late 2009 when we met briefly at a fertility convention in central London and established professional contact soon after. Smuts Allsop enquired whether I would be willing to see couples whom she had seen professionally but required medical or specialist advice about options for their fertility assessment and treatment. Smuts Allsop’s referred patients come well informed, speaking highly of her and the guidance provided by her about options relevant to them, emphasising the benefit of specialist medical advice in addition to her counsel.
I have noted that couples referred had a realistic perspective in their expectation of success, attributed to the consultation session they had with Smuts Allsop, clearly and professionally explained. In my experience in this field for over 25 years, I have rarely worked with a non-medically trained colleague who has been able to advise couples in their plight for parenthood.
These skills are not often seen in conventionally trained counsellors and psychologists. It is noteworthy that Smuts Allsop is currently undertaking an MA course to consolidate the academic basis of her professional work.
Since arriving in UK several years ago Smuts Allsop has made, and will continue to make her special contribution to the lives of couples embarking on parenthood, as well as supporting her medical colleagues.