Hi Nicola, Just wanted to thank you for the consultation with you in early March this year. Here’ s an update: The 22nd of April was highlighted as a good time to try. We decided this time to change to a different doctor (nearly two hours away). I asked his staff if we could plan around having a transfer as close to the 22nd of April as possible. They were very accommodating. On the 15th of April we had a collection of 17 eggs (14 were mature). 10 of these fertilised. Our embryos were grown to day five. To our COMPLETE SURPRISE the doctor said my hormone levels were fine and we could make a transfer (several previous cycles we’ve been unable to make fresh transfers as I was always told my progesterone level was too high.) Two embryos were transferred on the 20th of April. (None were suitable to freeze) All the way through this, we were making several trips for scans, tests etc. We thought this would be stressful, but it was the exact opposite. We loved the early morning drives, the appointments seemed to fall on easy days, and the doctor was so personal and very dedicated (he even does scans on a public holiday!). So yesterday I had a blood test for pregnancy – and it’s a positive!! HCG level is 1030 and hormone levels are good so far. We are a little in shock and a bit nervous as we know it’s just the beginning. This is a bit long-winded sorry, but just had to share – and thought of you immediately! Is there anything we should keep in mind during the pregnancy? Thanks again, and very glad we found you. Will let you know how things progress.