I just wanted to write to thank you for all your help with my charts & to let you know our really exciting news … I am 13 weeks pregnant with twins!! So much of what you predicted in my charts is coming true. In March/April I had the opportunity to take redundancy & given the length of time I had worked for my company, it seemed too good an offer to turn down, so we looked on it as “good luck” rather than bad luck. Two weeks after I finished work, we flew abroad for our planned fourth IVF treatment & had two, day five blastocysts transferred using both an egg & sperm donor this time. We were also lucky enough to be able to freeze a third. In addition, I’ve been having Intralipid infusions to combat possible natural killer cells.
So all of these things, combined with the “luck” you said I needed, seem to have paid off! As I’m having twins & they will therefore be born early, my likely due date is the end of Dec, which also coincides with when you said both of our charts looked really positive. So fingers, lots of rest & more good luck & hopefully we will have our best Christmas presents ever.
Many thanks again for all your help & support. – Kindest regards