I was given Nicky’s name by a friend who had success with the advice and timing provided by Nicky. I have had seven IVF treatments and four AI treatments over the past few years and only one of them worked. At 41 years of age I didn’t have much time left and the doctor advised that I should consider donor eggs. I was really reluctant so asked Nicky for guidance in terms of when to do another IVF treatment. She gave me some dates – it just meant moving my plans out by a month or so – and it worked first time. I now have two beautiful boys. Nicky was a real pleasure to deal with – she was friendly, understanding and extremely patient as I asked many questions. Friends have been sceptics but after having chatted to Nicky were convinced that she can offer real guidance in terms of the timing. My feeling, whether you believe in her methodology or not, what have you got to lose. Plan your IVF treatment in the month that Nicky advises – if it gives you a better chance of conceiving, why not?