Hi, Nicola, I’m pregnant again! Thank you so much for your guidance. We timed our day 6 transfer as close as possible to my highlighted Nov 24th date, and I am pregnant! It was such a huge help to have my chart done, as we had chosen this transfer time all the way back in March of this year when I had my reading and saw that my best “chance” was November. The chart helped us decide to make the embryos in the Summer on a smaller highlighted time for me (but a super highlighted time for my husband) and then plan for a frozen embryo transfer in November. Even though it meant we were “waiting” 8 months for the actual transfer, there was lots to do in the mean time and it helped to know that we had November to look forward to. Thank-you!!

PS. Interestingly, we ended up transferring a fresh embryo in July on a smaller highlighted time, and I did get pregnant, but it was a blighted ovum pregnancy that ended up in miscarriage. still, it was my first pregnancy in over 12 years of trying, so we celebrated that, and put our energy into recovering before this transfer in November! It helped so much to have some timelines to work with, after 12 years of trying month after month…so thank-you.

PPS. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial; I would recommend your unique and enlightening services to anyone!! Thanks!