Hi Nicola, We consulted with you in August 2014 and having just watched your video that Lindsay Baynham shared on Facebook I have just realised that I never told you that our next cycle worked.

You gave us October 3rd 2014 as a good time for us and we planned an IVF cycle around that time. To be honest the cycle went pretty badly and I had to use stimulation drugs for 21 days. We ended up getting 17 eggs, all of which were mature, but after the doctors telling us we only needed IVF and not ICSI as everything was great quality, only 1 of those 17 eggs fertilised.

On day 3 the embryo was not good quality and only had 4 cells and a fair amount of fragmentation. The embryologists weren’t keen on bothering with putting it back in but we requested that we could at least try.

That bad quality embryo is now 18 months old and asleep in her cot. Completely healthy and perfect.

We have just started the process to try for number 2 and our consultant at our appointment was amazed that our daughter had actually worked. Based on everything he could see on my record, that cycle should not have been a success.

I’m sure you get lots of people telling you that they were successful, but I just thought I would let you know that we were too. And from an embryo that really shouldn’t have worked. It must have been all about the timing.

Thank you.

Kind regards