“I had a consultation with Nicky using Skype back in March. At this point, we had been trying for over two years, with two miscarriages: the second pregnancy only achieved after over 16 months of trying. With nothing medically wrong with either of us, I was baffled and bewildered by why we seemed to struggling so much with our fertility journey. I was hoping Nicky’s insight would provide some of the much-needed answers, in order to give us the strength to go on.
We were considering IVF and, due to other life plans, wanted to try to in June for our first cycle. Nicky advised against this, as there was an eclipse in my charts which didn’t lead to a successful outcome. Instead, she recommended IVF in late August.
Despite her advice, we went ahead with the June IVF cycle, and it failed. I had quite a few complications and problems with that cycle, and in the back of my mind, I could hear Nicky’s advice – and really wished I had taken it. We then started our second IVF cycle in late August as per her advice and just a few days ago, found out that it was successful!!!
Of course, we are excited – but cautiously so, given our history. I hope to add to this testimonial in about nine month’s time, with news of a safe delivery!
Many thanks to Nicky and all her advice – it has proved to be one of the most useful recommendations in my quest for a baby thus far.”