Frequently Asked Questions

Does my stressful job affect my fertility? Will I get pregnant if I just relax and take time off work?

No, not necessarily, sometimes it is even more stressful to alter one’s daily routine. Astrology can help choose the right time to fall pregnant, conception can happen under the most stressful circumstances, so relaxing is only a small integral part of preparing for achieving conception. Certain Sun signs and certain astrological placements can predispose one to be more career-oriented than other signs and this certainly can have an affect on one’s fertility, inasmuch as society places too great an emphasis on the pressure to stay at home and this can cause un-diagnosed fear and blocks to conception and pregnancy. It is helpful to understand what kind of Sun sign you are to see if you are a candidate for stress and for this kind of hidden fear of falling pregnant

Does diet play a role in fertility?

Of course a healthy lifestyle will contribute to a healthy conception, pregnancy and confinement, but diet is not the only contributing factor to ensuring conception. One’s physical health is seen in the birth chart and certain conditions such a PCOPS can be treated with weight loss and other conditions such a thyroid/endocrine issues can be diagnosed in the chart and dealt with timeously and efficiently with medical assistance.

How do I know I am ovulating?

Register with a clinic and use their scanning facilities to check exactly when you are ovulating, it is a common misunderstanding that every woman ovulates on day 14 of her cycle, some women ovulate earlier or later, so by ensuring exactly when you ovulate and how many eggs there are at ovulation, you can increase your chances of natural conception considerably, before trying other more invasive methods of fertility treatment.

Is IVF like playing God? What happens if I am really religious?

IVF, Gift, and other methods of fertility treatment all use advanced medical technology to increase your chances of conception. All these methods can achieve is a fertilisation of the egg and the sperm, the conception then happens once the embryo (fertilised egg and sperm) is re-introduced into the uterus. The conception will then happen over the next 36 hours, during which time the uterus will either accept or reject the embryo. So, no matter how much technology you use to get the embryo into the uterus, neither the Doctor nor the patient has control over if conception happens, this is still left to the powers that be.

Why is it that sometimes a woman will have multiple treatments one after the other and then give up trying, only to fall pregnant naturally later?

Astrology teaches us that there is a time for everything, and no amount of technology can manipulate our Fate. We can use Astrology to identify the times when we are most likely to conceive and even then there is no guarantee, just an increased chance at conception. It is not the domain of mere mortals to decide who gets pregnant and why, this leads to judgmental attitudes that merely serve to undermine the mysterious creative power of the feminine principle.

Are there certain times that are more conducive to falling pregnant such as during a full moon or a new moon and how does one find out about these methods?

Astrology is full of literature about when to plant certain plants, when to harvest and when to sow, in fact the literature is confusing at best. At Fertility Astrology we research these old methods and based on findings either use them to good effect or lose them accordingly. There is no research done to date, to suggest that conception happens at full or new moons. It is very difficult to pinpoint conception as the window period is so large, so using lunar phases is not reliable. At all your transits will be taken into account and your personal chart will be used to time your fertility, not just the phase of the moon.

Can astrology diagnose medical conditions that will inhibit fertility?

YES! This is the most wonderful practical application of astrology, one’s physical health and condition of the uterus, number of eggs, condition of fallopian tubes and sperm count, morphology and motility are visible in the chart.

The Clinic says that there is nothing wrong with my partner’s sperm and nothing wrong with my cycle, and still we are not falling pregnant? Why?

Astrology is all about time. Most doctors will agree with the statement that sometimes with fertility treatment; especially where there are no specific problems, that it is simply “not the right time”. Of course this is not comforting to the patient, who is usually desperate to fall pregnant, but an astrologer can help by pin pointing those fertile moments in a chart and getting the couple to accept the nature of time and patience. There can be up to about three fertile moments in a year in anyone’s chart, at child bearing age of course, and it would benefit both the patient and the doctor if patients would use astrology to time their treatments.

How do I get in touch with an astrologer? Are all astrologers using the same methods?

If one is merely curious about one’s life path and one’s career opportunities or one wishes to explore and further understand the nature of one’s own psychological processes, then most astrologers would be able to address these issues. What makes unique, is that Nicola Smuts has developed certain methods based on ancient medieval writings and has successfully applied them to modern day fertility issues. Nicola has specialised in this field, she has undergone fertility treatment herself, she is a mother of two children and has empathy and understanding of the pain and the desperation of trying to conceive. Not only do her clients receive a vast amount of helpful, practical information, they also receive compassion, and support throughout the cycle of treatment should they wish to consult her.

How do I make a booking to speak to Nicola Smuts Allsop and what information do I need to supply?

Visit our consultations section, and follow the prompts from there. You will need to supply your birth date, time and place. The time should be as accurate as possible, please check your birth certificate or ask a relative if you are not sure – this is important.

What can I expect to learn from my consultation?

You will spend an hour on Skype or over the telephone or in person should you be in the same location as Nicola, and she will address the following issues: Your physical limitations or predispositions in regard to your fertility, as regards your health, and your lifestyle. Nicola will address the underlying psychological reasons for your possible infertility and she can offer suggestions to overcome these. Nicola will look at the year ahead and nominate the best times to undergo IVF/AI or any other fertility treatment, and will determine the successful outcome as far as she is able to see in the chart and depending on the accuracy of the birth time given.

How does the Fertility Astrology App work?

Many couples struggling with infertility will have to make a decision about when to have treatment and whether or not that treatment will be In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), Artificial Insemination, or a home plan. Time will need to be taken off work and vacation plans will need to be shifted.  Very often a large part of the stress involved is who decides when to cycle.  This app hopes to make this decision really easy, simply by giving couples up to three potentially lucky times in which to try to conceive for the next 365 days.  Couples will enter their birth time, date and place into the app, fill out a short medical questionnaire and within minutes the app will give a page of results of these times, listed in chronological order.  The app will take both charts into consideration and the results will be a combination of the birth data entered.